Thursday, 19 January 2012

Production Classification

Story Nature : Drama / Short/ Thriller / Romance

Actual Budget   :               10, 000 usd

Sound                :               Digital

Camera             :                Canon 7D

Location            :                Uganda

Studio               :                 Virtual Media

Production Company  :        J.Pictures International


  1. the coach is short movie based on human sacrifice crime against children in ugandan community . in the story , a young foot ball coach loses a goal keeper during a symbolic team trainings , looking after the goal keeper , the coach realizes that his goal keeper is been sold by his close relative to a desperate money monger woman that sacrifices children to get more richer , the coach confronts the relative, goal keeper 's aunt strike the coach to death ,but like any other hero, the coach gains stregth to save his goal keeper from a den of human sacfice that helps money mongers to sacrifice kids for rituals .
    generally the story calls upon masive support to fight against child sacrifice .
    well the writer apreciate alot of effort by various NGO, uganda government [police ] , media , and individual child activists has been forwarded towards this issue , but the crime is persistant in the ugangan community . please watch the film may be you will joing hands with the writer to push the compaign against child sacrifice in ugandan community

  2. its been said , that ugandan sacrifice human begings for rituals to unleash misfortunes that may cause bad luck in ones life time .

    like any other LDC , Uganda is devastated with poverty and other related misfortunes in every day life .there fore , various ugandan with help of fortune teller , have been involved in crimes against children, especially child traffiking and sacrifice for ritual in the act of seeking for good luck and generation of money .
    it should be noted that , children are a minority section in the world at large that can be taken advantage of at any cost.there by giving a platform to ugandan community to abuse them .
    during school season , children and parents in uganda live infear to be confrontated by criminals comomnly known as " kibabaana " in Buganda region. the crime is predominant to the extreme that , almost every speaking child that is wear of the "kibabaana" slogan and its "national anthem" for ugandan children as we speak .

    the criminals takes advantage of children when they are moving to or from school where they are hijacked , sold , then sacrificed to ritualists . the crime takes place in both rurual and urban areas of the country there4 all children reguardless of their tribal background , finicial and social status are victims of this crimes with the ugandan community .

  3. Jude Carlos Mufuumula23 February 2013 at 05:10

    We have so many children under the care of poor families that usually devote all their time towards attempts of finding food and money to survive which is also a had task so they give very little attention to their children. We therefore are not in position to protect each of them without the help of the children themselves especially when the people that hijack are usually known to them for atleast sometime as they attempt to make friends with them. We have to be friends with our children first and have the to tell us about their friends and also teach them on how to avoid falling pray to the ruthless creatures.

    1. @ Jude Thanks so much for your effort , if we can handle this togather , then i believe Ugandan kids can have a right to free movement .